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About us

Meet the Farmers

All year round we work the dirt at Fat Stone Farm in Lyme, Connecticut. Sure, it’s frozen dirt in the winter, but that’s the time for maple sugaring!

Though we did not grow up on farms, the outdoors is our preferred place to work. We have toiled in office buildings, in cities, and on airplanes, as many of us have. All of our experiences brought us to Lyme, Connecticut in 2003 and helped us make the thoughtful decision to farm.

From the early days of our farming we recognized our passion for recycling carbon, building biologically active soil, working with our hands, saving seeds and feeding our family amazing food. And now in selling our products, we can share that passion with our community

We named our farm “Fat Stone” partly to poke fun at ourselves, partly to make people remember us, and partly to remind us to laugh sometimes! The sheer number of stones on our property, which was mostly used for grazing animals in previous centuries, is vast. The stone walls depicted on our labels and website are drawn from the walls we built on the property – entirely with our very own fat stones. With each excavation (to build the sugar shack, the barn, the greenhouse), the proliferation of fat stones made us wonder if we should go into the stone business!


Our Intentions

We believe in connecting with community through our shared resources: the land, the soil, the water and air.

Fat Stone Farm needs its neighbors, its community, to thrive. We started tapping a few maples on our own farm in 2004, and then reached out to our neighbors, asking to tap their sugar maples. The challenge of small land parcels on the East Coast gave the blessing of a wonderful partnership with dozens of landowners.

We know that farming has improved our bodies and minds

Taking the energy, time, and devotion to grow our own food was borne out of our increasing alarm about our modern food system, and what those foods were doing to our health. Indeed, city living is more stressful and fast-paced, but it also means relying on faceless companies to provide our calories. After starting our farm and growing our food for a few seasons, we felt better, stronger, and more resilient. We extend this commitment to you, our customers, by only growing and producing the best foods that we ourselves eat every day.

We take personal responsibility seriously

So many pieces of our modern interdependencies are hidden from view, taken for granted. Ask a few questions, though: will farmers always be able to buy fertilizer at the ag supply depot? What about electricity – what does it really take to bring it to our home? And what happens if some of the financial institutions who prop up our world crack a bit? Even a natural disaster can bring so many people and communities to a complete standstill, unprepared, and unskilled in the trades, ways of thinking, and know-how that built America before the cell phone. Fat Stone Farm is our best effort to support ourselves and our children’s future, with or without corporate, governmental, or financial systems.

All of our products are grown and packaged with care

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