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Elderberry Apple Shots, 3 pack with gift


More powerful than blueberry, blackberry. More sustainable than Acai.

Get your daily Elderberry boost. Add our Elderberry Apple Shots (55% pressed elderberry by volume) to your smoothies, yogurt, sparkling water, cocktails, oatmeal or just sip it straight!

In small batches we press elderberries and combine them with apple cider syrup we make in the Fall.  Two celebrated ingredients, no preservatives, 100% non-GMO, one year shelf life. Click here for the full label.

What you get with your purchase today: 3 bottles of Elderberry Apple Shots, 9.3 oz each, a 2 oz gift bottle, and one flip top pouring cap.

"Awesome stuff. I've shared my gift bottle and given another to another love love the stuff!" – Kati G. on Elderberry Apple Shots, 3 pack with gift


What People Are Saying

“The elderberry shots are delicious! If you have not tried the elderberry shots buy a bottle and try it. You will buy a second. So yummy!!", Julianne, Connecticut
“I love the taste of this stuff.....!!! My order came in a timely manner and is packaged very well." – Patrice G.
“Fantastic! My husband liked it much better than the elderberry syrup that I make!" – Terri G.
“We keep a bottle with us wherever we go”, Lina, Connecticut
“I'm so glad I ordered three bottles plus gift. It came quickly, tastes absolutely delicious, and feels good to share this quality product with my family." – Linda S.
"Most delish…. Wonderful in iced tea”, Kyle, Connecticut


See our recipes page for ideas on how to use our Elderberry Apple Shots beyond drinking them every day.

How We Make It

We gently press elderberries on the farm, and combine them with apple cider we boil on our wood-fired evaporator. Our elderberries do not undergo extreme heat, or extraction processes that involve chemicals or solvents.

Our Shots is unique farm product made in small batches. Slight variations do occur. These are due to soil and weather conditions, different harvesting times, and fruit or berry varieties that we grow and use. In fact, new research identified 10 different flavors present in the elderberry.

Free from the 8 major allergens: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans

Click here to see our entire label

Golden Delicious apples growing at Fat Stone Farm. In the fall, we evaporate freshly pressed apple cider into a syrup. Some folks in New England call it "boiled cider". Colonists used boiled cider to sweeten their food all winter long.

Elderberries harvested at Fat Stone Farm
Almost ripened Sambucus nigra spp. canadensis (elderberries) at Fat Stone Farm. This type of elderberry is native to North America and has been growing here for centuries.

Harvesting elderflowers at Fat Stone Farm
A section of our elderberries in June when they are still flowering

Bill meeting up with Kelly Perry, another elderberry grower.