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A Month of Breakfast


Organic, Ancient Grain breakfasts for less than $2/day!
Start your day the Old Fashioned Farm way.

We've assembled the ultimate breakfast pack.  Free shipping to your doorstep.

You get 30 wholesome, quick-to-make breakfasts. Click here to see the contents of the entire pack -- curated and selected by Fat Stone Farm just for breakfast.

 For a list of Ingredients and more information about each item, click here.

A Month of Breakfasts: What You Get

Everything is Certified Organic...which also means everything is non-GMO.

  - 5 Grain Pancake and Waffle Mix ~ (19 servings)

  - Ancient Grain Hot Cereal + ~ (10 servings)

  - Oatmeal in a cup ^ + (1 serving)

  - Maple Syrup for everything! ^ (2 bottles --36 tablespoons)

  - One 12-ounce bag coffee beans ** (specify regular or decaffeinated)

  - Directions and serving suggestions

** Made with organic coffee beans, fair trade  ^ Gluten Free  + Non-GMO Verified  ~ Kosher

    Are you tired of cold cereal and breakfast bars? Our breakfast pack will be a welcome change to your morning nourishment.  

    Our pack is kitchen-tested and kid- approved (except no coffee for the kids)! We selected each item for superior taste, high quality, great nutrition, and ease of preparation. You don't need eggs, milk, (okay maybe you do want butter).  

    The pancakes and hot cereal take 6 minutes to prepare. The waffles are perfect for a Sunday breakfast, a last-minute dinner (optional - add eggs, bacon, fruit to complete your meal), or even as yummy dessert (add ice cream or yogurt, fruit, and syrup). Our Ancient Grain breakfasts are super versatile and delicious.