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Apple Ginger Syrup


Made with our own fresh, certified organic baby ginger, steeped in apple cider syrup we make on the farm in the autumn, Apple Ginger Syrup is a great way to get more ginger in your diet (and your drink). Sweet, with a tangy-hot-spicy ginger taste, this syrup contains only two ingredients: ginger and apples. No preservatives, alcohols, vinegar, or cane sugar. 9.3 fl. ounces.

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How We Make It

We gently boil apple cider on our wood-fired evaporator in the late autumn, capturing the complex and fresh taste of apples, and turn it into syrup. After harvesting our Certified Organic baby ginger from our glasshouse in September, we shred it and steep it in the apple syrup. After straining out the ginger, we bottle the resulting caramelized, sweet and tangy liquid for limited release. This is an amazing product – the best ginger combination you will taste!

Free from the 8 major allergens: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans

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How to Use

Morning: Start your day with a hot cup of ginger-apple “tea”. Add 1/8 cup ginger apple shots to a mug full of hot water. The ginger picks you right up.

Noon: Spoon into plain yogurt, drizzle on granola, or add to a glass of ice-water.

Night: Use as a glaze on pork, fish, or root vegetables.

Nearly every recipe with apples in it benefits from adding a dash of this syrup: apple pie, apple brown betty, apple sauce, apple crumble, etc.

See our Recipes page for more ginger and elderberry ideas. 

Ginger growing in our glasshouse. It likes the heat and needs plenty of water.

When picked “immature,” ginger is called baby ginger, and has lovely pink tips.

About 20 lbs of just harvested baby ginger

Over the winter it goes dormant, and must be kept above 50°F