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SHIPPING Update for Customers in CA, OR, WA

Surcharge for Shipping to USA West Coast

** Update for Shipping to CA * WA * OR **

A $10 flat-rate shipping fee will appear at checkout for shipments going to California, Washington, and Oregon.
Since the online introduction of our Elderberry Apple Shots in 2017 we've offered free shipping on all orders.
We think 'free shipping' takes out the guesswork of how much your purchase will cost and makes it easier to buy online. Customers at a distance are more expensive for us to ship (we're in CT), to but we've always focused on the average shipping expense for all customers.
Rising Costs:
UPS and US Postal costs have risen consistently for each of the last three years, but we've continued to maintain free shipping.
Since the current US health and economic crisis began in February 2020, we've experienced a substantial increase orders from our west coast customers that has dramatically increased out total shipping expense. 
What We Are Asking:
We still think free shipping makes for a better shopping experience but to address this extra expense from the influx of long-distance customers we are implementing a $10 flat rate shipping charge on customers located in California, Oregon, and Washington. 
Thank you for your understanding. We hope you will remain our loyal customers.