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Three Pack Mini Sampler


Taste the best of Fat Stone Farm. The highest quality, hand-crafted syrups money can buy. Packaged in glass bottles, delivered to your door.

- Elderberry Apple Shots, 2 oz. Guaranteed more minimally processed elderberry per fluid ounce than any elderberry syrup on the market.

- Apple Ginger Syrup, 2 oz. Apple syrup we make on the farm every autumn combined with farm-grown Certified Organic baby ginger.

- Organic Maple Syrup, 2 oz. Award-winning maple syrup, with delightful nuances from batch to batch. You might taste a hint of vanilla, or a note of butterscotch, even some nut, molasses, caramel or honey undertones.

FOR A LIMITED TIME! Add any single bottle to your order and receive $5.00 off the Three Pack Mini Sampler with coupon code MINI5. Choose from Elderberry Apple ShotsOrganic Maple Syrup, or Apple Ginger Syrup.