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SHIPPING Update for Customers in CA, OR, WA

Elderberry Availability & Pricing Update

Posted by Liz Farrell on
Elderberry Availability & Pricing Update

Over the next few weeks I will update you on any availability and pricing changes that we anticipate over the coming months. This is our second update:

Remember that our product is an intense farm product. We can't just 'make more' when farm ingredients run out. I call it "intense" because it's incredibly full of the richness of our two ingredients: elderberries and apples. Our number one priority since 2016 is quality ingredients. Lots and lots of elderberry companies say the same thing (quality ingredients blah blah), so I hope you take us seriously when we say it. This photo of Bill at the Elderberry Growers Conference a few years ago makes this point -- we invest a lot in the integrity, purity, and nutrition of our elderberries.

Elderberries grow in the summer and are harvested in the fall. Once every year and that's it! You can't make elderberries grow in the winter or spring.

Apples grow in the late summer and fall and are harvested in the late fall and winter. They can store longer than elderberries, and there are more apples in the US than elderberries, but we only make apple syrup in the winter. That's it!

In addition, it's likely that specific elderberry products will be out-of-stock for several days or a week while Bill and I produce new batches under social distancing pressures. Our inventory was drawn down dramatically in the month of March 2020. We are grateful for your orders.

We have nearly exhausted our 'transitional' berries and you have seen the 4-pack go off of sale (we do that at the end of every flu season) -- but soon it will sell out completely at that price ($57). 

Our organic and Certified Organic Shots are in good supply. We started moving towards those ingredients in November of 2019. They are more expensive, but many of you agree it's worth it.

Bill and I appreciate your loyalty and look forward to supplying you with highest quality Elderberry Apple Shots for years to come.  

Sincerely, Liz



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