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Elderberry Availability & Pricing Update

Posted by Liz Farrell on
Elderberry Availability & Pricing Update

This is our seventh update:

We have finished our 'transitional' berries and a few of our package options are sold out. Thank you for all your orders! We are so pleased that we did not run out, or have any significant shipping delays, during the busy ordering months of March and April. We work hard to be sure our supply chains are short. 

Our organic and Certified Organic Shots are in good supply. We started moving towards those ingredients in November of 2019. They are more expensive, but many of you agree it's worth it.

You will still find our 2019 prices on the single bottle, 2-pack, and 12-pack options using non-GMO apples (be sure to change the drop down menu on the product pages to find these). We have not changed prices on maple syrup or vinegar since they were introduced on the site (2017 and 2019 respectively). 

Delivery services (USPS and UPS) are taking longer. In addition, they are not guaranteeing delivery times. But it seems as though they have adapted to the new pace of deliveries and there seem to be fewer glitches. We upgraded some of our shipping boxes after experiencing higher-than-normal breakage rates earlier this year.

Flip Top caps are back in stock and we can supply as many as you need. If you don't use the flip top caps, or simply re-use your old ones, let us know in the 'notes' section at check out. Even though it's a small piece of plastic, it still is plastic that will end up in a landfill.

We have reinstated free shipping to the West Coast. Thank you to our loyal West Coast customers who supported the temporary surcharge earlier this spring. We also found an honest, great tasting honey, and continue to make investments in our food safety, quality, and packaging processes.

Remember that our product is an intense farm product. We can't just 'make more' when farm ingredients run out. I call it "intense" because it's incredibly full of the richness of our two ingredients: elderberries and apples. Our number one priority since 2016 is quality ingredients. Lots and lots of elderberry companies say the same thing (quality ingredients blah blah), so I hope you take us seriously when we say it. This photo of Bill at the Elderberry Growers Conference a few years ago makes this point -- we invest a lot in the integrity, purity, and nutrition of our elderberries.

Elderberries grow in the summer and are harvested in the fall. Once every year and that's it! You can't make elderberries grow in the winter or spring. Dried elderberries are usually available year-round, but we don't use dried elderberries.

Apples grow in the late summer and fall and are harvested in the late fall and winter. They can store longer than elderberries, and there are more apples in the US than elderberries, but we only make apple syrup in the winter. That's it!

Bill and I appreciate your loyalty and look forward to supplying you with highest quality Elderberry Apple Shots for years to come.  

Sincerely, Liz



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  • Delores Ervin on

    Hi excited to try you product. Just placed my first order. I would like the little plastic top. Old hands not as steady as use to be. Lol have blessed day!

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