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Elderberry Availability & Pricing Update

Posted by Liz Farrell on
Elderberry Availability & Pricing Update

Changes to our economy and society are here to stay even as our germ-landscape changes. The best thing we can do: stay farm strong, and grow, make, and ship Elderberry Apple Shots, Juice and all our farm products every day.

We are so proud of the purity, quality, and ethics of our products. Of course we stand behind everything we make and sell. Customer satisfaction is our goal. And, we want to stay in business as long as we can -- which brings me to the next point.

Unfortunately, price increases are setting in (late 2021). We are working very hard to find efficiencies here at the farm so that we don't have to pass the increases on to you - our amazing customers. The reasons for prices going up across the board on so many items (shipping, cardboard, bottle caps, labels, fertilizers, fuel, etc.) are varied and complex, but surely some of the inflationary pressures are to do with politics. Our mothers would tell us it's distasteful to discuss politics in front of "company", so we won't do that here.

Bill and I appreciate your loyalty and look forward to supplying you with the most minimally-processed-elderberry-per-serving Elderberry Apple Shots for years to come.  

Sincerely, Liz



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  • Liz Farrell on

    Hi Susan – we do not have a farm store, but many stores in Connecticut carry our products. Visit the Shop tab on the top menu, then “Find A Retailer” for the store closest to you. Thanks!

  • Susan OLIVER on

    I live in CT. Do you have a farm store or local business that sells your products?

  • Delores Ervin on

    Hi excited to try you product. Just placed my first order. I would like the little plastic top. Old hands not as steady as use to be. Lol have blessed day!

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