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Elderberry Availability & Pricing Update

Posted by Liz Farrell on
Elderberry Availability & Pricing Update

To be frank: we are disappointed that the early 2020 public interest in true health (lowering blood sugar and weight, exercise, home-made food, etc.) has been supplanted by pharmaceutical dominance (one-sidedness) of the topic. Regardless, lingering health problems and changes to our economy and society are here to stay. The best thing we can do: stay farm strong, and grow, make, and ship Elderberry Apple Shots, Juice and all our farm products every day.

Updates: The US elderberry harvest in 2020 was limited, and so fresh-frozen, USA grown elderberries are in short supply for 2021. This is the reason you are seeing a few dollars increase on your Elderberry Apple Shots -- along with the fact that in May 2020, we sold out of our 'transitional' berries (the least expensive ones). All Fat Stone Farm Shots are now made with Certified Organic Elderberries.

The elderberries we use for Elderberry Apple Shots grow in the summer and are harvested in the fall. Once every year and that's it! You can't make elderberries grow in the winter or spring. Dried elderberries are usually available year-round and from many countries around the world, but we don't use dried elderberries, nor do we use imported ones. 

We don't have anything against other countries, we just don't know what they "do" to the berries prior to and during the drying, concentrating, or extracting process. We've heard some crazy stories! (Like the elderberry concentrates are made primarily for dying and the Europeans laugh at us for drinking it -- maybe rumor, maybe true). We are also reading about adulterated and "fake" elderberry products more and more. And -- this is important -- we don't want to add WATER as an ingredient. That is a sure sign that an elderberry product is made from dried elderberries or concentrated elderberries.

We stay true to our values of quality and integrity, and we continue to make investments in our food safety, quality, and packaging processes -- and new products like Elderberry Soap, Pure Elderberry Juice, and more!

Bill and I appreciate your loyalty and look forward to supplying you with the most minimally-processed-elderberry-per-serving Elderberry Apple Shots for years to come.  

Sincerely, Liz



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  • Liz Farrell on

    Hi Susan – we do not have a farm store, but many stores in Connecticut carry our products. Visit the Shop tab on the top menu, then “Find A Retailer” for the store closest to you. Thanks!

  • Susan OLIVER on

    I live in CT. Do you have a farm store or local business that sells your products?

  • Delores Ervin on

    Hi excited to try you product. Just placed my first order. I would like the little plastic top. Old hands not as steady as use to be. Lol have blessed day!

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